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Teaching Classical Pilates since 1997



Ellen P. Bick - client

Nora Gomez-Dears has been my Pilates teacher of the past 7 years. She is an amazing teacher. Whether in a private session, a duet or a group class, Nora is able to respond to and respect each person's needs and physical limitations. Particularly for me, it's the addition of a pillow, or wedge, or suggestion of a change of in position that makes all the difference. She is very invested in having her students do well and feel well doing it. Lessons with Nora area great pleasure for me. She is warm and kind and exceptionally generous.

Anna Rosengren - client

I sought out Nora and her studio over 2 years ago after being diagnosed, at the age of 28, with a connective tissue disorder known as Hypermobile-Type Ehler's Danlos Syndrome. This genetic disorder causes the ligaments and tendons that are put in place to stabilize  the body's joints to be weak and loose resulting in, at worse, frequent joint subluxations/dislocations, and, at best, constant overuse and strain/severe spasms of muscles around the joints as they attempt to " fill in" for the faulty connective tissue. The only true symptomatic treatment for this disorder is physical therapy, and lots of it.

After being referred to countless P.T. who either had no idea what to do with me, were unwilling to learn about the disorder I have, or used one-size-fits all approach that ended with me feeling worse than when I began, I called Nora's studio and booked a private session. Within the first five minutes of my session I was surprised and overjoyed to find that my teacher appeared to know more about the human body and it's mechanics than any of the dozens of highly recommended PT's I had seen.

Now, two years later, I find myself feeling again like the energetic, functional and athletic person I was before this disorder disrupted my life ( and I've never been in better shape!). Whether you suffer from severe musculoskeletal pain, have EDS as I do, or just want to get into fantastic shape ant any ability level or age, I couldn't recommend Nora enough!

Amy Corbett - client

Nora is exceptional! I have been taking private lessons and group classes with Nora at Atelier Pilates for almost 7 years. With Nora's help, I have grown stronger, feel more centered and have much less body pain than before. I practiced Pilates throughout both pregnancies and believe that Nora's guidance and encouragement really helped me to have easy deliveries, and also assisted me in getting back into shape after having children. Nora is great at offering a variety of exercises and using different equipment so that working out doesn't feel boring. She challenges you to work your hardest, but she is also an amazing and supportive listener. Nora is thoughtful in the workout she develops to meet the individual needs of her students.  Becoming connected to Nora and Atelier Pilates totally changed my attitude about exercise and working out. Pilates is now a required part of my personal self-care!

Sandra Greenberg - Pilates instructor

I just wanted to say than you. I feel so fortunate that you were my Pilates instructor with Power Pilates. It was a great training and you were a great teacher, one of the best that i have had. It was a great foundation of my teaching. Hard to believe I have been teaching almost 10 years and loving every bit of it.

Leslie Hoffher - Pilates instructor

I contacted Nora about becoming a Pilates instructor and ended up going through Classical Pilates Education program Comprehensive Pilates instructor course under her. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn Pilates under Nora. She is a wonderful instructor who opened her studio to me and the other apprentices. Her instruction and feedback was excellent and right on point. Nora continues to help instructors who go through her course by being available for questions, providing us with information and other learning opportunities. 

Nora has a hug amount of experience teaching Pilates and it was amazing to observe her working with clients. Her depth and breath of the Pilates system shined. She is extremely good at tailoring Pilates workouts for the needs of each of her clients so that they get what they need from the workout. She is one of best instructors around. I highly recommend Nora as a Pilates instructor and for courses on teaching Pilates.